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Amherstburg Pickleball Association (APA) is committed to providing a sporting environment for everyone that reflects its core values of respect, fairness, integrity, and tolerance.  The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to outline APA’s expectations of conduct from our individual members and directors at all times that are consistent with its core values and help ensure that there is a safe and positive environment. 



As a condition of membership, all individuals and board members are required to acknowledge that they understand and will abide by APA’s Code of Conduct.   



APA aims to build an exciting, inclusive and friendly environment for everyone both on and off the courts.  APA members have a responsibility to adhere to the following requirements either in person to person contact or any form of electronic messaging:  


  • Demonstrate respect, fairness and equity to all individuals

  • Conduct themselves in a positive manner that reflects the highest standard of behavior  

  • Act ethically and honestly during all member interactions 

  • Treat all APA information with confidentiality 

  • Harassment of any kind including verbal, written, physical or emotional is prohibited 

  • Do not publically criticize individuals but rather encourage alternate behavior where appropriate 

  • Do not use any form of profanity or inappropriate language

  • Bullying and intimidation will not be tolerated 

  • Do not display anger 

Board Members (Directors and Committee Members)

In addition to the requirements for individuals outlined above, members of the Board are also responsible to adhere to the following requirements:



  • Conform to the By-laws and policies approved by APA

  • Exercise the degree of care, diligence, and skill required in the performance of their duties pursuant to laws under which APA is incorporated 

  • Act with honesty and integrity and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with APA’s activities and objectives 

  • Be independent and impartial and not be influenced by self-interest, outside pressure, expectations of reward or fear of criticism  

  • Ensure that APA’s financial affairs are conducted in a responsible manner with due regard to all fiduciary responsibilities 

  • Respect the confidentiality of all information received in the course of APA activities 

  • Declare potential conflicts of interest

  • Not make any public statements on behalf of the APA without Board approval 

  • Conduct themselves openly and professionally at all times and act in the best interests of APA

  • Act in a fiscally responsible manner in all APA decisions 


Discipline and Complaint Resolution:

All complaints against any member of APA who you believe has violated the Code of Conduct should be directed in writing (or email) to the President.  You also may notify any member of the Board in person, who will take your concerns in writing and forward them to the President. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary actions. The President will discuss the matter with the Board members and their decision will be rendered upon the offending member in writing (email). 


The final decision will be based on a full assessment of the circumstances involved and consideration of the emotional, reputational, and or physical impact on the complainant and may include but is not limited to: 


• A corrective warning

• Suspension of membership 

• Termination of membership 

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